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Porsche 956 LH (#1) 1982 Le Mans Winner
Since its establishment in California, USA, in 1986, HPI (Hobby Products International) has grown to become one of the top radio controlled hobby manufacturers in the world. Aiming to expand beyond the RC market, HPI is proud to announce a new line of products for the popular precision die-cast model car market. Fully licenced and crafted from detailed drawings supplied by the actual full-size car manufacturers, HPI die-cast cars are painstaking recreations of modern classics and vintage road race and rally cars.

HPI precision cast models are 1:43 scale, a convenient size for any desk or display case. The approximate size for a 1:43 scale car model is just 10cm long, 4cm wide, and 3cm tall, or 4 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches. Despite this small size, incredible attention has been paid to make the shape of cars as true to scale as possible. Fine exterior details like radiators, brake discs and calipers, door mirrors, wings, cooling ducts, exhaust, headlights and tail lights, tow hooks, radio antennae and colour-matched paint and sponsor logos combine to make the models extremely realistic.

In addition to the outer details, each HPI die-cast car has a fully painted and detailed interior, complete with every detail seen on the original car, including padded roll cage, racing seats, fire extinguisher, steering wheel, dashboard, switches and even defroster lines in the rear window. Particular attention is taken to flush-mount the window glass sections for extra realism. Many models even include a removable engine cover to show the engine detail.

HPI die-cast car models come mounted to a display platform that includes a clear plastic protective case, and the car can be easily removed from the platform for individual display. As an extra measure of attention to detail, even the bottom of each car features details such as aerodynamic undertrays, full exhaust system, transmission components, swaybars and more, even though the car may never be removed from its base.

Every HPI die-cast car model features a strictly limited production run, so when they're gone, they're GONE! Collect one or get them all!
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