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Nitro MT2 G3.0:
Savage X SS (Without Engine):
Nitro MT2 18SS +:
Savage X 4.6 RTR:
Firestorm 10T:
Savage X SS:
Hellfire SS:
Savage X:
Hellfire RTR:
Savage 3.5 RTR: The Savage 3.5 RTR is built around the classic Savage 21 RTR that has proven its power, performance, durability and strength since its first release.
The Savage 3.5 RTR includes several hop-ups as standard which helps underline it as the best value for money Savage!
Nitro MT 2:

Nitro 3 18SS +:
Nitro 3 Evo +:
R40 Hara Edition:
Nitro RS4 3 18SS: Available from HPI Racing is the powerful new Nitro RS4 3 18SS nitro touring car with a massive top speed in excess of 50mph!!
R40: The R40 is designed to be a full competition "Pro" 1/10th scale nitro touring car designed primarily for groomed high traction racetracks, not a street car like our NRS4 3.
Nitro 3 Evo: The RTR Nitro 3 Evo, the hottest Ready-To-Run Nitro Car from HPI Racing. Aimed directly at the beginner-to-intermediate Nitro touring car market, this is an updated version of our Nitro RS4 3.

E10 RTR:
E10 Drift RTR:
Sprint 2 Drift RTR:
Micro Sport:
Micro Drift:
Sprint 2 RTR:
Sprint 2 STAGE-D: Drift events like D1 Grand Prix are becoming extremely popular in Japan and America, and have made full scale drifting one of the most exciting and fastest growing motor sports in the world.
Pro 4 (Hara Edition): This special Hara Edition of the Pro 4 is based on the highly successful Pro 4. Included with this kit are many of the HPI option parts that World Championship winning Atsushi Hara used to win so many titles!
Sprint 2: HPI Sprint 2 - the perfect balance between racing potential and ease of use. The Sprint 2 is the next evolutionary step from our excellent Sprint E.P.

E-Firestorm RTR:
Wheely King 4x4:
Wheely King:

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