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HPI Racing brings Monster Mania™!

HPI Racing are proud to bring Monster Mania™ to your TV screens by being the headline television sponsor for the 2005 European Monster Truck Racing series.

The Monster Mania European Monster Truck Racing series will be one of the most spectacular and exciting forms of Motorsport that Britain has to offer. Giving you the chance to see these massive, outsized machines boasting an awesome 2,000bhp, accelerating from 0-60mph in 5 seconds, leaping off ramps, crush cars and donut around hairpin turns. These mean and dangerous Monster Trucks show no mercy on their opponents and will go to all extremes to win the prestigious title of the European Monster Truck Racing Champion.

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You can see all 6 Monster Mania events on terrestrial and sky television, brought to you by HPI Racing as the headline television sponsor later this summer. Stay tuned for airdates

Full Events Listing:-
29th / 30th May Thame and Oxford Showground
25th / 26th June Herts. Showground
16th / 17th July Orsett Showground, Essex
20th / 21st August Hop Farm, Kent
28th / 29th August Norfolk Showground
3rd / 4th September Herrington Park, Sunderland
1st / 2nd October Esplanade, Weston-Super-Mare

Monster Mania Daily Itinerary:-
11am - 12.30pm
Parade Lap - Introducing all 'full scale' drivers taking part.
Qualifying - Each Truck will race against the clock.
Head to Head Racing - First Round of Racing
Motorcross Act

2pm - 3pm
Head to Head Racing - Second Round of Racing

4pm - 5pm
Motorcross Act
Head to Head Racing - Finals
Monster Truck Freestyle - Monster Trucks go mad!!!

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And among the real Monster Trucks will be the HPI Savage Slam - European Tour 2005!
A series of competitions taking place at various events showing the incredible capabilities of the Savage Monster Trucks. An opportunity for all Savage owners to prove they are the best Savage drivers in the country.

Points will be given on various challenges from long jumps, trick jumps, truck pulling, stunts and much more. The HPI Savage Slam competition will take place all day Sunday with some special time slots scheduled as part of the official Monster Mania Program. And you & your Savage might even have the chance to appear on TV as part of the Monster Mania TV coverage!

So if you think you are dangerous, daring and fast with your Savage then come and compete in the quest as HPI Savage Slam Champion 2005!

HPI Savage Slam - European Tour 2005 is not just for the drivers, it will definitely impress the crowd too, giving them the chance to see Europe's most popular big block Radio Controlled Monster Truck in action, destroying anything that comes in it's path, with stunning and thrilling competitions. Proving they can be just as deadly and dangerous as any of the real size trucks.. An event not to be missed!

The HPI Savage Slams alongside the Monster Mania events are to be organised up and down the country visiting some fantastic venues, a selection of the biggest outdoor summer showgrounds and events organised for this year!! See events list above.

For more information about the events and how to sign up, please contact Greg Hill, [email protected]
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