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Monster Mania at Herts

It was a weekend of fun and excitement for all at the Monster Mania show at the Herts Showground on 25th and 26th June 2005. As well as all the monster trucks racing and jumping we were also treated to two exciting freestyle motocross demonstrations and some excellent radio control monster truck races and stunt shows. Around 3000 people attended on Saturday and about 5000 on Sunday.

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In total there were 8 monster trucks running - Swamp Thing, Big Foot, Blown Thunder, Monstrous, Lil Devil, Red Dragon, Slingshot and Thunderfoot. The HPI radio control demo section had the drivers of Slingshot (Karl Swallow) and Red Dragon (Rob Williams) racing against each other with models of their own trucks. They were remarkably good at controlling the cars and soon got down to some serious racing. The winner of the text competition was delighted with her new HPI Savage 25 and was shown how to use it by the HPI crew.

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A couple of the monster trucks had problems in the afternoon run but they were soon fixed and after a brief delay were jumping their way round the track once more. The HPI radio control boys managed to jump one of their Savage trucks across the 75ft freestyle motocross ramp after some tuning of the vehicle. Spectacular it was too!

The event was covered by Channel 4 and local BBC radio with several interviews and filming all day. Overall a successful day for everyone involved and real fun for thousands of people. We eagerly await the next round at Orsett Showground (Essex) on 16th and 17th July where we can once more thrill the crowds and spread the word on HPI's exceptional radio control products.

We definitely have to thank DMS Racing (check out their website here!) for helping us out at the weekend!

If you would like more information on the Monster Mania event please vist HPI Racing Brings Monster Mania

If you want to participate in the Monster Mania events with your Savage check out the Savage Slam tour dates 2005 Savage Slam European Tour 2005
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