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France to host the next HPI Savage Slam - "World Monster Truck"

"World Monster Truck" brings HPI Savages head to head to compete in the toughest competition ever. This spectacular event is back for the second year running and its organisers' Automobile club in partnership with Municipality of Rognac are promising this year is going to be even better with more demanding challenges.

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The event will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2005 at the Rognac track in France. Many of the best Savage drivers from around the world will be competing in the "World Monster Truck" competition, demonstrating the spectacular and awesome power of the Monster Trucks, driving their Savage to the limit to gain the highest points in all the challenges from Speed Racing, Trick Jumps, High Jumps to Tractor Pulling, in the quest to be crowned the French Savage Slam Champion 2005!

If you think you and your Savage are better than the rest and would like to take part in the competition please visit "World Monster Trucks - France" for more information.

"World Monster Truck" a competition that breaks all boundaries!

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