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The Toughest Savage Slam Ever!

The most thrilling and daring Savage Slam Competition you can ever imagine took place in Iceland. Hill Climb Competition was so tough that it even tested the best Savage drivers beyond their limits.

Organisers Selas and Glaciar Motorsport the local RC Club wanted their Savage Slam Competition to be the most challenging ever. So, they took the drivers in the heart of Reykavik where the hills are so steep they are almost vertical, concentrating more on tactical driving than fast speed.

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The only requirement needed to qualify was to own a HPI Savage, with all types of tyres, engines and any modification allowed. The drivers had to prepare themselves and set their Savage to the highest level possible to survive the most demanding, toughest and daring 8 course race it was going to face in its lifetime.

This competition wasn't just based on who can drive their Savge the fastest but it was to test the drivers' patience, their tactical thinking, how skilful were they combined with full throttle. The 8 courses each on different slopes, some were small that if full throttle was used the car would bounce off the kerb or get stuck, but with medium throttle the car would ease over the kerb and up to the ledge were the driver could go on full throttle up the slope. Some slopes were very steep and the driver had to ease the throttle when approaching the top so the car did not roll over. A small lapse in concentration and the Savage would end up in the gravel pits and the driver with no points.

The competition was so close in the first 5 courses, with only 80 points separating the 1st place to 10th place. But with each course getting tougher only the best of the best drivers were surviving to compete for the Savage Slam Champion title and in the last 3 gripping courses Iceland's favourite Björn Steinarsson managed to push his Savage that little bit further to take the lead and clinch the well deserved victory.

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The Final Result
Drivers & Points

1. Björn Steinarsson - 710
2. Kristinn Andrés Kristinsson - 620
3. Óli M. Guðmundsson - 600
4. Hermann Ólafsson - 550
5. Baldur Kristmannsson - 510
6. Magnús Ingólfsson - 490
7. Hafsteinn Már Andrésson - 480
8. Egill Valur Hafsteinsson - 470
9. Jón Hilmar Kristjánsson - 460
10. Kristmann Rafnsson - 460
11. Ólafur Ari Guðmundsson - 450
12. Máni Sigurbjörnsson - 440
13. Jón Aron Óskarsson - 430
14. Birgir Guðmundsson - 400

Pictures courtesy of Guffi and Selas, Iceland.
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