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HPI Challenge German Nationals 2005

Last weekend the HPI Challenge German Finals were held at the beautiful track in Rüsselsheim. The 120 racers were competing at over 100 races during the last year to qualify for this great event. After some very exciting finals four of them were crowned German Champions: GTI Class, Sport Class, Super Sport class and 17T (Electric Pro) class.
In the 17T class eight out of ten cars in the A-Main were Pro4s. In Germany any car is allowed in this Pro class, so the Pro4 proved once again to be a very fast car in a competitive race. In the Super Sport class HPI's Super EP had to be driven. Although the car is slightly heavier (1750g) the powerful 17T motors and the handy HPI tires make it a real fun to race with these cars.
So everybody at the track had a sunny, comfortable and exciting weekend.

See the German report here for more details (in German)

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Electric GTI Electric Sport
The upcoming HPI European Final at Velp, Holland will be the highlight of this years HPI Challenge season. The German team has proven its compositeness at their German Nationals. Now all qualified drivers are looking forward to compete with the other HPI Challenge countries in Europe.

For more info about the HPI Challenge European Final click here!
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Super Electric 17 Turn class (Electric pro) Track for the 2005 Euros in Velp, Holland

Track in Velp, HollandA lot of raffle prices for the Challenge EurosGerman Team at the Challenge World 2004
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