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HPI Challenge Euro Final 2005 - Latest Update!

HPI Challenge – Euro Final 2005 has a new additional feature to it!

A chance for each country to team up together and compete in the rare, exciting and thrilling Endurance Race.

The rules are very simple,
  • Each country teams up in a group of 5 to 10 drivers.
    please note there can be more than one team per country.

  • HPI Racing will provide each team with a Nitro 3 RTR car to race as it is, fuel and tyres will also be supplied.

  • The only items each team need to provide are:

    Please note each team are responsible for charging there own batteries.

Detailed rules and information will be issued at the HPI Challenge.

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The endurance race will take place on Saturday afternoon for the duration of approximately 3hrs with 45mins set-up time.

This is a fantastic opportunity for some real team fun, which is so rarely seen in RC Car Racing. So don't miss out and start planning your teams!

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