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Endurance Race - The Thrilling Race Report!

The first ever HPI Challenge Endurance Race took place yesterday and it was a huge success. With a total of 10 teams taking part they all received a brand new Nitro 3 Evo which they had 45mins to prepare before the long 2 and half hours race started.

Excitement, tension and the stress started as soon as the cars were handed out. Every team wanting to do their best to make sure their car lasted the full two and half hours. However it wasn't as easy as it looked, with drivers putting the throttle down within the first corner, cars where flying off the circuit, marshals throwing the cars, team members running as fast as they could to take their car back to pits, mechanics working frantically to gain an advantage. And this is how it was for most of the two and half hours!!!

Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
Nitro 3 Cars waiting to be given out The Race Marshal getting the car back on track
The Germany 3 Yellow team stayed the most consistent taking the lead for majority of the race, while Germany 1 Lime team couldn't get their car tuned for the start which resulted them to spending nearly 27 laps in the pits, however when they tuned their car to near perfection they started giving the fastest laps and taking over 2nd place UK 1 Orange.

However UK 1 Orange soon started falling behind in the middle of the race giving Hungary White and Austria Metallic Blue to catch up and over take them.

The second half of the race became very close where Germany 3 Yellow and Germany 1 Lime where fighting for 1st place with only 1-2 laps separating them. While the fight for 3rd place was also getting very tight between Hungary White and Austria Metallic Blue. In the last 15mins Germany 3 Yellow put the throttle down as hard as they could to extend a lead over the Germany 1 Lime by 6 laps, taking their car through the chequered flag first!!!

The Germany 3 Yellow team completed an incredible 344 laps resulting to a fantastic total distance of over 90kms. With 9 out 10 cars completing the two and half hours of consistent racing just proves how reliable and easy to run the HPI Nitro 3 RTR car is, a car that can definitely take the pace in tense racing conditions for a very long duration.

The Final Race Result
1st Germany 3 Yellow
2nd Germany 1 Lime
3rd Hungary White
4th Austria Metallic Blue
5th UK 1 Orange
6th Germany West Maroon
7th UK 2 Blue
8th International Red
9th Netherlands Purple
10th Germany 2 Metallic Green

Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
The Busy Pits No stopping in the dark The Winning Team
From beginning to end the Endurance Race had a brilliant atmosphere, where everyone was out to have fun in the sprit of good racing, even when it got dark they just thought of interesting ways to get their car to stand out with lights in the car and brightly coloured tape. There was also loads of entertainment from all the teams to keep all the spectators on the edge of their seats and laughing with laughter.

This was just what everyone needed on the eve of the much serious racing of HPI Challenge Euro Finals 2005.

3rd Place Hungary White TeamThe Top 3 Teams
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