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Monster Mania starts this weekend on Channel 4!

Monster Mania, the UK monster truck racing championship is coming to your TV screens thanks to HPI-Racing! Channel 4 is airing a 6 part series of the 2005 monster truck racing series and each show includes a look at the HPI Racing trucks.

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This amazing series shows the most spectacular and exciting forms of Motor-sport that Britain has to offer. Giving you the chance to see these massive, outsized machines boasting an awesome 2,000bhp, accelerating from 0-60mph in 5 seconds, leaping off ramps, crush cars and donut around hairpin turns. These mean and dangerous Monster Trucks show no mercy on their opponents and will go to all extremes to win the prestigious title of the European Monster Truck Racing Champion.

And amongst them are our very own HPI Racing Savage Trucks, Europe's most popular big block Radio Controlled Monster Trucks in action, destroying anything that comes in its path. This is your chance to see a Savage jump a real monster truck! Watch HPI Racing's Greg Hill show-off his Savage in stunning and thrilling performances, proving HPI Racing Trucks can be just as deadly and dangerous as any of the real size trucks.

Set your video recorders and satellite boxes, you won't want to miss this spectacular show!

The first showing is at 2.55 AM, Monday morning the 24th of October.

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