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April Calendar For Download!
This month's calendar features the 81 km/h speed demon, the Nitro 3 RTR+more

RC Racing TV Episode 5 showing this week!
RC Racing TV's coverage of the Neo Invitational starts this week! In this months episode of RC Racing,...more

Baja 5B goes 120 miles across the desert!
In a first-ever endurance test of its kind, a Baja 5B has been driven non-stop across 120 miles of unforgiving...more

Moore-Speed wins the TITC race in Thailand!
IFMAR ISTC World Champion Andy Moore racked up another impressive TQ and win at the huge TITC race last...more

Nitro 3 Evo+ Video Online!
All-new video of the Nitro 3 Evo+ in action! Feel the earth move as this awesome beast grips the tarmac!...more






Andy Moore Wins Carpet Wars World Cup!
It was a fantastic 1-2 for team Hot Bodies at the Carpet Wars 2 Day World Cup meeting with Andy Moore...more

RC Racing TV Episode 4 On-Air This Week!
Showing soon is the fourth episode of the hot new RC Racing TV series! Aired exclusively on the Motors...more

New Firestorm 10T Options!
In addition to the Firestorm options we've highlighted before, we've got a huge array of all-new tyres...more

New Bodyshells!
Also showing at Nuremburg are a host of new bodyshells, enough to get any car or truck fan excited! From...more

New Baja Options and Accessories!
In addition to several kits showing for the first time at the Nürnberg Toy Fair, we are showing...more






New HPI Kits at the Nürnberg Toy Fair!
Finally we can tell you all about the latest HPI kits that we're displaying at the Nürnberg Toy...more

E10 - Electric Touring - PREVIEW
At the Nurnberg Toy Fair this year HPI will be previewing an exciting new car kit, aimed to bring HPI...more

10055-10058 Nitro 3 RTR +
HPI's most popular Nitro RTR car gets even faster! We've updated the amazing Nitro RS4 RTR 3...more

Savage X SS Kit without Engine
Adding to the already impressive line-up of Savage RTR and self-build kits, the Savage X SS kit without...more

Nürnberg Has Started!
Everything has been set up now - not even a lorry crash on the Autobahn could stop our brand new display...more






We're off to Nürnberg!
Once again, the HPI and HB staff are on their way to Nürnberg Toy Fair to show off the latest and...more

Firestorm Video Online!
Rock out with the new Firestorm video! Watch as Firestorms fly through the air, rip around a dirt track,...more

Cyclone wins DHI Cup!
The Cyclone takes another massive win in Denmark! Ronald Volker TQ'd and won the first major international...more

Prototype Lightning at the Neo Buggy Race
Touring car aces Andy Moore and Marc Rheinard raced at the recent Neo Buggy Race. Many eyebrows were...more

HB Lightning 2 Pro is German Vice-Champion!
German racer Tim Bremicker took home the German National rallycross Vice-Champion trophy after a tough...more






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