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# 1403
Composite Slide Carb./New Port Timing/Rear Exhaust/Pullstart/Includes Air Cleaner and Glow Plug (R5)
Give your Savage a boost with the Nitro Star F3.5 engine! This .21 cubic inch engine is 3.5cc of pure, massive muscle!

With 2.5hp on tap, the rear-exhaust Nitro Star F3.5 is supremely powerful and is a great match for any car or truck that can take big-block engines.
The large heatsink is anodized a cool black to enhance the heat dissipation properties of the CNC-machined billet heat. The aluminium case also features loads of cooling fins to release heat, letting the engine keep its cool under any circumstances!

Protecting the internal parts of the engine is a large oiled foam air filter, which is included with the engine. A huge composite-body slide-type carburettor enables the fuel to reach the combustion chamber without boiling away, and features all the adjustments you need to keep the engine tuned for all conditions.

Inside, the Nitro Star F3.5 features industry-standard ABC construction for longevity and ease of use.

To get the engine going, the Nitro Star F3.5 is equipped with a tough pullstarter as standard. This can be replaced with an #87130 HPI Roto Start system for push-button starting!

Includes air filter. Make sure to break in engine properly, according to the instructions included.
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This option part will enhance the performance of your RC Car/Truck. Better handling, more control and faster lap times!
HPI Genuine Spare Parts are manufactured to the highest quality as direct replacements of the stock part to make maintainance of your HPI RC Car as easy as possible.

This part fits the following kits

Fits KitStandard PartOption PartAccessory
RTR Savage 25SpacerTickSpacer
Savage 21SpacerTickSpacer
Savage SSSpacerTickSpacer
RTR Savage 25 Limited Edition (3 Speed)SpacerTickSpacer
Savage ATV RTRSpacerTickSpacer
Savage XSpacerTickSpacer
Savage X SSSpacerTickSpacer
Savage X 4.6 RTRSpacerTickSpacer
Savage SS 4.6SpacerTickSpacer
Savage X SS (Without Engine)SpacerTickSpacer
Savage 3.5 RTRTickSpacerSpacer
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