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# 1502
Medium Glow Plug for .12 - .15/ .21
Power Plugs for Nitro car and truck engines! HPI Power Plugs use a unique blend of platinum and iridium metals to produce a range of quality glow plugs that is suitable for hobbyists and racers.

Recommended Power Plugs for HPI engines
#1502 Medium R3 - 12R XS
#1503 Medium Cold R4 - 21BB/S-25
#1504 Cold R5 - All HPI .15 engines (T-15, 15FE, etc.)
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This option part will enhance the performance of your RC Car/Truck. Better handling, more control and faster lap times!
If you're into pushing your ride to the extreme, this option part is for you!
Maximum Durability!

This part fits the following kits

Fits KitStandard PartOption PartAccessory
Nitro 3 EvoSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RS4 3 18SSSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro MT 2SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro MT 2 18SSSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro MT2 18SS +SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro 3 SSSpacerTickSpacer
Super Nitro RallySpacerTickSpacer
Super Nitro RS4SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RS4 3SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro MTSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro Rush EvoSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RushSpacerTickSpacer
Prodrive Limited Edition Nitro 3SpacerTickSpacer
RTR Savage 25SpacerTickSpacer
Savage 21TickSpacerSpacer
Savage SSSpacerTickSpacer
RTR Savage 25 Limited Edition (3 Speed)SpacerTickSpacer
Savage ATV RTRSpacerTickSpacer
Savage XSpacerTickSpacer
Savage X 4.6 RTRSpacerTickSpacer
Savage SS 4.6SpacerTickSpacer
Savage 3.5 RTRTickSpacerSpacer
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