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Product Information
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# 15107
6.5mm Rotary Carb./ABC/Standard Shaft/Side Exhaust/Heatsink Head/Black Crank Case
Powering the RTR NITRO RS4 3 EVO+, the T3.0 is HPI's a fantastic engine for speed fanatics! With 3cc of displacement for an impressive 0.18 cubic inches, this is an easy upgrade for just about every on-road racer!
Glow Plug: Cold R5 (HPI #1504)
Displacement: 3.01cc
Boar: 16.8mm
Stroke: 13.6mm
Power: 2.2hp @ 31,000 RPM
Maximum RPM: 32,000 RPM
Carburettor: F2-6.5 (Composite 6.5mm)

Please note: The #15107 engine is NOT supplied with a Roto Start backplate as shown in the picture. This engine is supplied with a pullstarter. If you prefer to use a Roto Start with this engine, you will need #87132 Roto Start 2 Set and a standard 7.2 volt stick pack battery .

A variety of race-tuned standard features will make the T3.0 your engine of choice. The finned crank case helps keep everything running at the right temperature, and the tall finned aluminium cooling head further reduces operating temp for optimum efficiency. With ABC construction (Aluminium piston, Brass cylinder liner sleeve, Chrome-plated liner) you get the benefit of decades of 2-stroke racing technology. The composite carb keeps needle tuning consistent as the engine heats up, and the wide 6.5mm opening ensures a good supply of fuel to the combustion chamber.

All of this adds up to a fantastic engine that is solid, fast and easy to use!

When you need to go all out to get maximum speed, you can depend on the HPI Nitro Star T3.0!
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Download PDF Instructions For #15107 (4.86 MB)
If you demand high top speeds or sharper acceleration, this option part is for you!
HPI Genuine Spare Parts are manufactured to the highest quality as direct replacements of the stock part to make maintainance of your HPI RC Car as easy as possible.

This part fits the following kits
Fits KitStandard PartOption PartAccessory
Nitro 3 EvoSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro 3 Evo +TickSpacerSpacer
Nitro 3 18SS +SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RS4 3 18SSSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RS4 3SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro Rush EvoSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RushSpacerTickSpacer
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