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# 15403
26cc Gasoline Engine/with #15411 Air Filter
Get more power and torque out of your Baja with the Fuelie 26S engine! Get the edge on your racing buddies with a complete engine upgrade. This is a complete Fuelie 26S engine, with #15411 air filter, ready to drop right into your Baja!

Get an extra 3cc of engine size! More displacement means more power, acceleration, torque and top speed! Just remember: there's no replacement for displacement!

The cylinder has a larger bore and improved porting to increase power further than just having more displacement. The piston, piston ring and cylinder are completely new, all other parts are the same as the #15401 23cc engine. The piston ring features a 0.7mm size, the 23cc engine uses a 1.0mm piston ring.

Also a spare for for the #10611 Baja SS.
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This option part will enhance the performance of your RC Car/Truck. Better handling, more control and faster lap times!
HPI Genuine Spare Parts are manufactured to the highest quality as direct replacements of the stock part to make maintainance of your HPI RC Car as easy as possible.

This part fits the following kits
Fits KitStandard PartOption PartAccessory
Baja 5B RTRSpacerTickSpacer
Baja 5b SSTickSpacerSpacer
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