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# 7717
Carrosserie entierement finie pour Nitro 3 EVO+
HPI Racing now offers a prepainted version of the 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda bodyshell for 200mm touring cars! The bodyshell comes expertly painted, pre-cut and decaled. It's ready to mount on your 200mm touring car, a quick and easy way to completely transform the looks of the car. This bodyshell can also be used on 190mm touring cars when used with our 6mm offset wheels (#3810-#3814, #3820-#3822, #3845-#3848).
Bling! This is definitely going to increase the street cred on your ride!

This part fits the following kits

Fits KitStandard PartOption PartAccessory
Nitro 3 EvoSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro 3 Evo +SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro 3 18SS +SpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RS4 3 18SSSpacerTickSpacer
E10 Drift RTRSpacerTickSpacer
E10 RTRSpacerTickSpacer
RS4 Pro 4SpacerTickSpacer
Pro 4 (Hara Edition)SpacerTickSpacer
Sprint 2 STAGE-DSpacerTickSpacer
Sprint EPSpacerTickSpacer
Sprint 2SpacerTickSpacer
Sprint GTiSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro 3 SSSpacerTickSpacer
Nitro RS4 3SpacerTickSpacer
Prodrive Limited Edition Nitro 3SpacerTickSpacer
Sprint RTRSpacerTickSpacer
Sprint 2 RTRSpacerTickSpacer
RTR Sprint 2 SportSpacerTickSpacer
Sprint 2 Drift RTRSpacerTickSpacer
R40 Hara EditionSpacerTickSpacer
BODY, 200
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