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Upgrade your Rush Evo with the HPI #72207 Heavy Duty Disk Hub (Aluminium/Hard Anodised)

Using the Nitro Rush Evo Slipper Clutch with the HPI #72207 Heavy Duty Disk Hub (Aluminium/Hard Anodised) is a way to enhance the performance and reliability of the slipper clutch mechanism on your truck as the Heavy Duty Disk Hub offers better heat resistance and improved heat dissipation over the standard part. The instructions below show you, how to install the HPI #72207 Heavy Duty Disk Hub (Aluminium/Hard Anodised) on your Nitro Rush Evo.

1. First you must start with the removal of the slipper clutch nut, spring and washer. Locate the slipper clutch adjusting nut on the car. Use a 7mm nut driver to remove the nut, and then you will be able to remove the spring, washer and spur gear.

2. Now you will be able to see the parts that you will be replacing - the Stainless Steel Slipper Plate HPI #72130 and the Plastic Hub. You will be able to pull these parts off the shaft, make sure not to loose the pin that goes through the shaft. Take out the pin, now you're ready to fit the new part.

Standard part (top) and the #72207 Heavy Duty Disk Hub (bottom).

3. You need to place one of the supplied rubber O-rings onto the groove in your HPI #72207 Heavy Duty Disk Hub. This O-ring is used to retain the pin that goes through the hub and the shaft. Push the hub onto the shaft and locate the hub in the brake disk.

4. Now you need to pull back the rubber O-ring that you put on the hub to revile a hole on one side of the hub into which you will be inserting the pin. To line the holes in the hub and the shaft up you need to make sure that the hub is pushed all the way back, then hold the hub and rotate the rear wheels to turn the shaft. When the holes are lined up put in the pin and push the O-ring back over the groove.

5. Now you can rebuild the slipper clutch. Put the spur gear back on, making sure the Slipper Clutch Pad is in place, and then put back the washer, spring and the nut.

Now your slipper clutch needs to be set up. Instructions to do this can be found here.

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