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HPI Savage Slam - European Tour 2005!

HPI Savage Slam - European Tour 2005! A series of Savage competitions taking place at various events showing the incredible capabilities of the Savage Monster Trucks. An opportunity for all Savage owners to prove they are the best Savage drivers in their country.

HPI Savage Slam - European Tour 2005 is the toughest Savage competition ever, separating the amateurs from the serious racers. So, are you dangerous, daring and fast with your Savage? Can you demonstrate the spectacular and awesome power of the Savage Monster Trucks by making your Savage do the longest long jumps, the highest high jumps, trick jumps, Tug-of-War, Sprint Race, the bravest stunts and much more? If so, this is your opportunity to show us and get recognised.

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At each event points will be given on all the various challenges from high jump, long jump, trick jumps, tug-of-war, sprint race or trail. Points will then be added up at the end of every event to reveal the Savage Slam Champion.

So if you think you can take the heat with your Savage then come and compete in the quest as HPI Savage Slam Champion 2005!

HPI Savage Slam - European Tour 2005 is not just for the drivers, it will definitely impress the crowd too, giving them the chance to see Europe's most popular big block Radio Controlled Monster Trucks in action, destroying anything that comes in its path, with stunning and thrilling competitions. Proving they can be just as deadly and dangerous as any of the real size trucks... An event not to be missed!

HPI Savage Slam events will take place in the UK, Germany, France and other countries will follow later in the year. Watch this space for an updated events list. For more information about every event please see contact details in the events list below.

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In the UK, HPI Savage Slam - European Tour 2005 will be a part of the Monster Mania™ European Monster Truck Racing series, organised up and down the country visiting some fantastic venues, a selection of the biggest outdoor summer showgrounds and events this year!! Full list of events below. The Monster Mania events (with the full size big foot monsters etc) are 2-day events, either Sat and Sun or Sun and Mon (bank hols). The Savage Slams are on both those days, but are considered 2 seperate events. Savage owners are welcomed to attend both days or just 1 or the other, thier entry tickets (FOC) covers both days!! And as all Monster Mania events are covered by UK television you and your Savage might even have the chance to appear on TV.

Full Events Listing:-

29th / 30th May Thame and Oxford Showground
25th / 26th June Herts. Showground
16th / 17th July Orsett Showground, Essex
20th / 21st August Hop Farm, Kent
28th / 29th August Norfolk Showground
3rd / 4th September Herrington Park, Sunderland
1st / 2nd October Esplanade, Weston-Super-Mare

For more information about the UK events and how to sign up, please contact Greg Hill, [email protected]

2nd / 3rd July - 88471 Laupheim

For more information please visit German Savage Slam.

17th / 18th September - Rognac

For more information please visit French Savage Slam
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