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New HPI Kits at the Nürnberg Toy Fair!

Finally we can tell you all about the latest HPI kits that we're displaying at the Nürnberg Toy Fair!

First up we have the Firestorm 10T 2WD stadium truck, which was announced late last year. On hand in Nürnberg for everyone to get their hands on it, the Firestorm is set to be a very worthy replacement for the Rush! Read all about it here!

Kit versions of our Savage monster trucks have always been popular, and we're betting the new Savage X SS without engine is going to be a huge hit! In addition to allowing you to fit your own options and radio gear as you build it, you'll now be able to squeeze in any big-block engine you like! Find out more about it here!
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Updating our long line of Nitro on-road cars is the Nitro 3 RTR +, which features a new, more powerful engine and a wide variety of classic hot rods and exotics, plus modern muscle cars! Check out all the variations here!

For those that want to build their own Nitro muscle car, we offer the Nitro 3 18SS + kit, featuring a few more goodies and a new line-up of bodyshells! Read more about the new 18SS +!

Completely new on-road RTR car!
Finally, we come to a totally new release, the HPI E10 electric touring car! The E10 comes in variations to suit classic street car fans or drifting devotees, so it's sure to thrill and please a wide range of RC newcomers! Check out our extensive preview page here!

See what else is on the HPI/Hot Bodies/Edit stand here: Hot Bodies and Edit also have new products making their way to you soon!
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